Working With Us

Our position requires good knowledge of spoken and written English as well as non-formal educational practices experience in the field of youth. All vacant positions are posted on our website’s news feed along with all the details on the position and application requirements as well as application deadlines and work description.


VACK offers a limited number of internships yearly for local students to acquire practical skills in their field of study. If you believe and feel like you could make a contribution to our work and benefit from spending time with us, we encourage you to apply; we look forward to working with you! Internships positions are posted on our website with all details and application deadlines.


To work with us, you are not required to have any high education. As an applicant, you should be at least 18 years old, and be able to apply, through practice the knowledge, the skills and the attitudes acquired in formal/non-formal education. We focus on experiential learning; thus, you should illustrate your experience practicing it.

Become a Volunteer

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