You are the Engine of Change


The project aims at increasing the capacity of youth work sector to raise the participation and involvement of young people in social processes and change; This project is an answer to the needs of various youth organizations that need competencies in new methods for improving the situation of their direct target groups (the ones directly affected by the problems mentioned and not only).

Theatre of the Oppressed is a collective rehearsal for reality. The main idea of these methods is to make people experience and understand how any change of an attitude, behavior or thinking pattern can have a powerful significant effect on their life as well as lives of people around them. Forum, Image, Invisible and Newspaper Theatre methods are highly adaptable to the needs of different communities, with a large capacity to cover all kind of the social issues: human rights problems, power abuse and oppression in different ways, lack of activism, discrimination, exclusion, poverty, marginalization, xenophobia, etc. and through a creative approach provides a space for people to reflect, find solutions to these topics and transfer the solutions in their lives.

Some of the partner organizations are working with ethnic minorities or social excluded young people and through the upgrading process of their own competencies in working with theatre of the oppressed methods the capacity of youth workers in their mission of inclusion towards various youth group will increase. Majority of our partners are small, young or not very experienced in various areas of youth work, new to theatre of the oppressed methodology and trough this project they wish to cover their need for capacity building and raise in the quality of the youth work they are delivering.

The results and the practice from the field shows that theatre of the oppressed methods are efficient inclusion methods and therefore through this project youth workers will gain and upgrade their competencies in reaching more and more young people disadvantaged.


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