Cammini Minimi


The innovative aspect of the project is not much in the instrument itself, but more in the educational application introduced and in the final goal we want to achieve: a fair cooperation between youth organizations in the north and the south of the world. In Europe, youth organization have been active for decades now and over the last few years they’ve lost their creativity, their innovative and refreshing motivation, they’re no longer attractive to the youth population and they are increasingly encountering more difficulties in intercepting and retain especially young volunteers.

At the contrary, African young people despite facing social, economic and personal challenges, have a spirit of trust and optimism that obviously can stimulate the organizations that deal with their policies. We believe that the innovation in our project is to fortify European and African youth organizations so that they can become strong and reliable partners able to actively and constructively participate in the operation of a new CAMMINI MINIMI network organization, capable to work as a project-channel, as a widespread and virtual development office. The exchange will enable organizations to contaminate, culturally, creatively and energetically, becoming stronger and more optimistic; they will be capable of addressing more effectively to the new millennium changes, with a view of sustainable global development.


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