We apply sustainable and flexible approaches to our projects that focus most on the application of knowledge, skills, and attitudes in our learning and training activities to meet young people's learning needs in non-formal education setting through awareness, capacity building and empowerment which lead to societal impact.

Why do it!

Each project is designed in a manner that allows participants to acquire required competencies and skills for entry and high level practice as professional youth workers or trainers. Thus, learners develop the skills on how to plan and initiate training courses, and to execute, close and evaluate projects, by apply acquired knowledge.

To Achieve What!

Participants become familiar with training management skills in non-formal education and develop the tools to apply them in practice. They are able to create training programs and learning activities which comply with our training methods, and develop an approach to implement them at the local level to meet youth learning needs.

Current Projects

Current projects describe projects under the implementation phase.

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Concluded Projects

Concluded projects describe projects closed for the implementation

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