Menstrual Health Education

Period Empowerment Network: Creating menstrual awareness & knowledge gaps


About Us

Volunteerism for uncompromising sustainable development.

Volunteer Action for Change Kenya (VACK) is a development platform created by Kenyan Youths to enhance the process of sustainable service delivery at the local community level. VACK aims to inspire youth and women in particular to actively participate in the development process through skills development, empowerment and support for the implementation of local initiatives.

Our services are realized through voluntary exchange, leadership development, development cooperation, intercultural exchange, community service, non-formal education, empowerment programs.

We’ve funded 12000 charity projects for
20M people around the world.

Trusted by the biggest nonprofits, events & companies in the world.

We will continue to promote sustainable service delivery, youth education, empowerment, informal education, international mobility, capacity building and we will play our part in building a more humane and supportive society