Volunteer – Why? How? Who?

Robinson ed

Who can volunteer?

A volunteer is who dedicates his/her time to engage in a worthy course for the betterment of others. Volunteer Work is a kind of social service contributed by an individual who devotes his/her time, skills and energy not for material gain but to make the community a better place to live in. Participation in Voluntary Work is a manifestation of human equality, mutual love and learning an expression of love, care and sharing a fulfillment of civic responsibility and contribution to the community as a whole.

  1. Any one aged above 18 years
  2. One who is motivated and ready to offer services in a local community
  3. Open minded, flexible and ready to adapt to local leaving conditions

Why Volunteer?

  1. To expand horizons
  2. An opportunity to gain different skills and experience
  3. Contribute to the development of local initiatives
  4. Inspire others
  5. Strengthen community structures
  6. Make a difference
  7. Discover hidden talents
  8. Learn something new

 As a volunteer, you’ve got to…

have a heart for care and concern and a sense of equality be friendly and enthusiastic understanding the needs of service users compassionately understand and respect the relationship with community members, their privacy and autonomy know your service unit, their mission and values be responsible and committed to your duties be keen to learn by yourself and apply what you’ve learned be prepared to give constructive ideas on service improvement.

Volunteers who participate in a VACK volunteer project come from a diverse range of backgrounds, nationalities and cultures and have different abilities and experience. It is this diversity that makes the projects such a unique and fun experience. The volunteers need to:

  • >> Be over 18 years of age
  • >> Be open minded and flexible
  • >> Be able to communicate in English without difficulty.
  • >> Be highly motivated if applying to work with children or on social projects
  • >> Be prepared to participate in all aspects of life on the project including the domestic  chores such as shopping, cooking and cleaning
  • >> Be physically fit enough to do the heavy work involved in some projects
  • >> Be prepared to carry out the work that is expected of them in a responsible manner, with due regard for personal safety and the safety of others.

What the Volunteer needs to bring:

  • >> Volunteers are STRONGLY advised to take out their own personal insurance for travel, health, luggage and other personal possessions. Neither VACK Jitolee Afrika nor the host projects can be held responsible for volunteers’ personal possessions whilst they are on the project!
  • >> Volunteers must bring their own sleeping bags/roll mats unless otherwise indicated.
  • >> Volunteers must arrive at the project equipped with the correct work wear. This is particularly important for environmental/renovation and outdoor type projects.
  • >> Volunteers must bring with them sufficient funds to cover their free time activities as well as their transportation costs.

Special requirements

There is orientation training for all volunteers before they are placed in their respective projects.