Ukweli Farmers CBO


REGION: Waluka, Western Kenya

FOCUS: Agriculture/Social work/Education


Contributing to making the environment betterSHORT DESCRIPTION: The CBO has activities running on daily basis and mainly farm work which has committed and well skilled members. The CBO has 31 members of which 24 female 7 male. The project aims at striving for healthy living. The project was initiated due to high poverty within our community and increased deaths due to Aids and Malaria. The project has a centre where local children are able to access quality education. Through the donation from one of the previous volunteer, the project has set up a center to develop the local computer skills.

VOLUNTEER ACTIVITIES: Computer skills development, life skills development among local youths, Community awareness and advocacy, Sensitization of the community on HIV/AIDS and Malaria; Education on Early Child Development within the C.B.O.; Organic Farming on {horticultural farming}; They plant soya and produce soya product added value; poultry keeping; growing of tissue culture bananas; Business development.

ACCOMMODATION: You will be accommodated in a host family within a walking distance to the work station.

What Volunteers Say

Of course it was interesting to see the normal everyday life in Africa for the first time, so all the rather uncomfortable parts in terms of hygiene or other foreign standards were not that important. It was also not bad to live nearly exactly as a member of the community, meaning that there are no special treatments for foreigners, apart from being greeted more often and friendly.


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