The Robinson Island Sanctuary

Robinson Guests

Robinson Island is one of the 22 only remaining sea-turtle nesting sites in Kenya. The sanctuary promotes sense for social action; this passion was born in our hearts, only after realizing the invisible treats to a small little community in Robinson Island in Malindi district, Kenya, by the name of “Fridays Arm”. Our ambition to assist this fragile little community, evolved only after carefully weighing the usefulness of our intended support.

Treats to Robinson Island and its Habitants;

Habitat loss due to industry; Overexploitation of natural resources caused by Population Grow; Global warming, causing the ocean levels to rise; Dwindling fresh water resources, due to mismanagement and rising ocean …levels; The disability to adjust an old culture to today’s world caused by deep rooted traditions and lack of education; lack of income opportunities and employment; General unsustainable developments.

We are not professionals in humanitarian missions, but vision a realistic opportunity to demonstrate, that well-minded individuals united have the power to make a difference to the lives of to the most vulnerable and least fortunate members of society, which in our case are mainly women and children.

Mission Statement: The needy are many, we might not be able to help all, but we can pick the most talented and willing and guarantee a fear chance to proper education.

We are committed to this fragile community group of approximately 40 families, called “Friday’s Arm” which is living in a seeming Paradise called Robinson Island, as for years now this little group has tirelessly tried to work their way out of a vicious cycle of poverty and marginalization, by enterprising in to nature based income generating activities that can improve the conditions and standard of education and the general living-environment of the community.

Despite extraordinary efforts and remarkable achievements, their goals set remain a dream.

The project is committed to promoting the following goals of the community based organization (CBO)

To have local children sturdy daily in the project, because now children often fail to come for lack of food, or because they work hard to own money to support their families

To improve learning facilities at the school to acceptable standards; which starts with basics like, pencils, books, blackboards and desks

One way of attracting children to school, is by providing a feeding program.

We have learned from experience that providing a meal at school improves attendance by 1 third. For the children it could mean the only meal that day, but every day.

To assist adults in the group to realize income generating activities that can make them self-reliant, like eco-tourism related ventures. Their home is paradise for people who love to feel the dynamics of nature and deep rooted African culture. The island offers a fine opportunity to experience and to get involved in sustainable development efforts expressed by community. So take advantage of the beautifully build cottages at the sanctuary. The proceeds from the cottages will maintain our island school by the name of “Friday’s Summer Readers” and if good wishes, other responsible developments.

We have been there and felt like being in paradise.

To spend time at the island is a wonderful experience.

The Island is one of the most enchanting marine environments in Africa   You can’t fail sensing the wonders of living forces that brought us in to being, in the company of beautiful people who enjoy to make you feel welcome. It’s only you, the sound of the sea, and the innocent laughter of little children arriving for school.

All this has been made possible through the tireless effort of an remarkable women by the name of Guddy, who has spent most of her years trying to balance deeply rooted cultural mentalities and believes of indigenous men and women, with the ability to adjust to today’s challenges, in order to survive, and to preserve choices for current and future generations, through wise resource Management.

We had the honor to meet and befriend with the lady. We have seen her work and believe in her efforts with respect and admiration her efforts have been a great inspiration to all of as.

For this reason we have chosen to provide a creative hand, with the view to add value to the performance of this noble obligation.

Participation fee: 460 US Dollars for a month of placement in this project