Oguya Orphans Project


Project Name: Oguya Orphans Project

Project Location: Siaya County

Project dates: 4th – 24th March 2017

Robinson ed

Project overview

Oguyo orphans project is a community based organization (CBO) registered with the ministry of labour, social security and services in Rarieda sub – county. The project is “charitable”. Not prompted to any manner by desire for gain. Membership to the organization is open to everyone without any discrimination based on race, sex, religion or class. Most of the children at the orphanage are orphaned due to HIV/ AIDS which is quite high in this region due to various cultural practices such as wife inheritance. Some of the children are also infected thus need care giving and counseling. 

Key issues: Many children do not live to enroll in school hence, high drop-out, no care to continue with education due to absenteeism, orphan headed household as well as care of ailing parents by the children. Main project activities: To address the above key issues, the project activities are directed towards improving, in a measurable   way, the lives of children under 18 years old who are either orphaned or made more vulnerable because of HIV/AIDS, and have been denied access to education and other basic needs. Project focus: The project focused on the most vulnerable children of the “Last Smile “who are economically and socially outside. Identification of these children is done at a relatively early stage in their development. By the community health workers with a vision for change to produce sustainable improvement in their lives Inputs.  The project operates with community inputs, .involvement and investment embracing community to prioritize the most vulnerable children that are deeply rooted in their community and lives within their family setup. Service delivery: This is based on the actual needs of the child and includes ensuring access to basic education from early childhood development through secondary level .Currently, the project has initiated a Residential OVC care at Nyangoma catholic mission with a placement of twenty (20) girl child orphans where they are engaged as an active participant in their own growth and development rather than as passive recipient of our service. Future plans: Our future plan is to empower OVCS and attract greater community involvement in the food security and HIV Intervention activities both in preparation and treatment

The project objectives are:-

  • To provide education and material support to orphans and vulnerable children – OVCS.
  • To improve the livelihood of families caring and supporting children orphaned by HIV/AIDS.
  • To enhance the quality of life of orphans infected or affected by HIV.
  • Lobby for the recognition and protection of children living positive.

Vision: Making the difference and bringing back hope.

Motto: The smiling children.

Mission: To Rescue children in distress.

Workcamp Activities    

  • Sport activities with the local schools and youth
  • Home visit within the community
  • Empowering girls to be self-reliant i.e. life skills lessons
  • Elementary child care; Taking care of the children as well as playing with them
  • Ensuring the compound is clean; Resource mobilization to enhance the development of the centre
  • Motivational speaking especially to the girls in the centre; Capacity building and administrative work
  • Educational development need of the children i.e. Teaching; Food preparation and serving

Accommodation and Food

Volunteers will be hosted at the project. You will need to have a sleeping bag and mat. Food is provided from what is locally available and the volunteers will share in the responsibility of preparing the food.

Meeting Point and orientation

All volunteers taking part in this project will be picked from Jomo Kenyatta International Airport in Nairobi and stay in Nairobi before departing to the project. Orientation will take place on the 3rd of March 2017 at the VACK Office in Buruburu, Nairobi.

Number of volunteers: Maximum of 15