Oguya Orphan Project


REGION: Rarieda, Lake Victoria region

FOCUS: Social work


kinddddSHORT DESCRIPTION: Oguyo orphans project is a community based organization (CBO) registered with the ministry of labour, social security and services in Rarieda sub – county. The project is “charitable”. Not prompted to any manner by desire for gain.

Membership to the organization is open to everyone without any discrimination based on race, sex, religion or class.

VOLUNTEER ACTIVITIES: Empowering girls to be self-reliant i.e. life skills lessons; Elementary child care; Taking care of the children as well as playing with them; Ensuring the compound is clean; Resource mobilization to enhance the development of the centre; Motivational speaking especially to the girls in the centre; Capacity building and administrative work; Educational development need of the children i.e. Teaching; Food preparation and serving.

ACCOMMODATION: You will be accommodated in a host family within a walking distance to the work station.