Marianne Centre


REGION: Kamiritha, Limuru

FOCUS: Persons with mental disability


Helping children grow academicallySHORT DESCRIPTION: People with a mental disability in Kenya (approximately 2.9 million) face extra challenges in their lives. Many Kenyans still associate people who have a mental disability with black magic and witchcraft, and little has been done to combat this stigmatization. Most people with a mental disability have a mild to moderate mental retardation. However, they can learn and are capable of developing skills throughout their lives. They have a wide range of talents that can be discovered at any moment in their childhood. The major shortcomings of the current educational system for (young) adults with a mental disability is that they are too old to be enrolled in a primary school, but mentally not capable to attend a normal secondary school. Because of this, Marianne center was therefore established in the year 2010, in order to focus on people with a mild to moderate mental disability from the age of 16 till 50 years. This training center for this group has given them and their parents hope for a better future. Currently, the center has 38 students. The classes are divided according to the student’s abilities varying from Down syndrome to Autism. The (young) adults are trained in basic skills of life and vocational and income generating activities. At the end of the training their capabilities will be assessed and they will be attached to an employer were they get the possibility to perform basic tasks.

VOLUNTEER ACTIVITIES: Teaching activities in various subjects (mathematics, language, writing, drawing, gardening, sewing, bead work, computer skills and cleaning); Follow up and home visitations; Organizing extra-curricular activities; Provision of guiding and counseling services to the students; Farm work; Swahili lessons

ACCOMMODATION: You will be accommodated in the centre.