Kathonzweni HGM Small Home

Kathonzweni HGM Small Home


REGION: Kathozweni, Makueni, Eastern Kenya

FOCUS: Education/Children with special needs/empowerment


SHORT DESCRIPTION: Kathonzweni HGM Small Home is a home and school for physically handicapped children situated in the Eastern part of Kenya. The home was established by the Catholic Diocese of Makueni and is surrounded by the Catholic Church and a primary school. Currently, the home is hosting 20 kids. The children are both girls and boys between ages of 10-19 years, who suffer different disabilities from polio, snakebites and handicapped from birth or during birth or accidents of different causes. Most people speak Kamba as a native language. Farming is widely practiced for example livestock, poultry, small scale farming of maize, beans, coffee, sweet potatoes, bananas and vegetables.

VOLUNTEER ACTIVITIES: Working in the home’s kitchen and vegetable garden; Helping children study and play after class; Training the kids in creativity through games and doing handicraft work, helping in physical exercises.

ACCOMMODATION: You will be accommodated either in a host family or at the centre depending on the need.