Jora Women Group


Project Name: Jora Women Group

Project Location: Taita Taveta County

Project dates: 11th – 31st August 2017

Project overview

Jora women group comprise of 50 members. It is located in Jora village next to Kasigau hill which is one of the Taita hills that are part of the Eastern arc mountains covering 1000kmsq from Kenya to Tanzania. The main economic activities of the area around is agriculture and mining of precious stones. However, the area receive minimal rainfall which makes it hard for sustainable agriculture to take place. Therefore the women group’s main focus is food security, most men engage themselves in mining precious stones. The women use local materials to weave baskets which they sell locally.


Jora women group was started in 1974 by a group of women who came together in order to improve the livelihood of the community members. Over the years the group has participated in various activities which include goat keeping, jatrophas farming, basket weaving and maintaining their building premises. The women group has also been invloved in various conservation efforts with other organizations and volunteers. The group’s projects having been challenging, for example the goat project involves members acquiring a goat from another member after the goat gives birth but this takes long time before the other member gets a goat. The baskets weaving also takes long before the group gets buyers.  The rabbit rearing is a new project that the group started engaging itself in agribusiness but this also have been met with challenges of constructing an appropriate structure.

Vision: To fight poverty and conserve the nature

Mission: To empower the women group for economic and environment development


  • To fight poverty through agribuisness and entreprenuership activities
  • To conserve the environment through planting trees
  • To organize Taita cultural shows to promote its culture
  • To collaborate with various organizations and institutions in order to achieve the stated objectives
  • To conserve the endemic birds and birds through creating awareness on the importance of
  • conserving the natural habitats
  • To engage its members and the community in eco-tourism activities

Workcamp Activities    

  • Sport activities with the local schools and youth
  • Home visit within the community
  • Basket weaving, rabbit rearing
  • Environmental conservation
  • Business entreprenuership
  • Agriculture and eco-tourism

Accommodation and Food

Volunteers will be hosted at the project. You will need to have a sleeping bag and mat.

Food is provided from what is locally available and the volunteers will share in the responsibility of preparing the food.

Meeting Point and orientation

All volunteers taking part in this project will be picked from Jomo Kenyatta International Airport in Nairobi and stay in Nairobi before departing to the project. Orientation will take place on the 10th of August 2017 at the VACK Office in Buruburu, Nairobi.

Number of volunteers: Maximum of 15