Jora Women Group

Jora Womens Group



REGION: Kasigau, Taita – Coast

FOCUS: Agriculture/Bussiness/Empowerment/Education


SHORT DESCRIPTION: The women group comprise of 50 members. It is located in Jora village next to Kasigau hill which is one of the Taita hills that are part of the Eastern are mountains covering 1000kmsq from Kenya to Tanzania. The main economic activities of the area around are agriculture and mining of precious stones. However, the area receives minimal rainfall which makes it hard for sustainable agriculture to take place. Therefore the women group’s main focus is food security; most men engage themselves in mining precious stones. The women use local materials to weave baskets which they sell locally.

VOLUNTEER ACTIVITIES: Renovation of the groups building, marketing of the baskets, construction of the rabbit hutch, conservation and monitoring of Taita white eye and Taita apalis birds, teaching in primary school, home visits, sharing ideas with the community and group members on eco-tourism ventures, assisting in organization and management of the group’s activities.

ACCOMMODATION: You will be accommodated in a host family within a walking distance to the work station.