Cranes of Dago Thim Self Help Group

Cranes of Dago Thim Self Help Group


REGION: Kisumu

FOCUS: Education/ Empowerment/Agriculture


Promoting agricultureSHORT DESCRIPTION: The Cranes of Dago Thim self-help group was established to make an impact on the growing problem of vulnerable children, widows and orphans rights to sustainable development. This group is dedicated to promoting and protecting the rights of the children and supporting the vulnerable, widows and orphans. Cranes of Dago Thim organizes routine trainings on farming for the widows and youths for sustainability projects.

Vision: A Self Sustainable Community

Mission: To promote human values through advocacy and community out-reach programs, provide care and support to the vulnerable members of the community, Education/ financial support to the less fortunate members of the society, training widows and youths on IGA and development issues to enhance their opportunities to realize their full potential and capabilities.

VOLUNTEER ACTIVITIES: Sport activities with the local schools and youth, Home visit within the community, Cranes of Dago Thim have leased a farm from a member at affordable cost. It is a small farm within the member’s homestead where the group rears local poultry for meat and eggs, cattle for resale, meat and milk and a small portion for planting cash crop i.e. bananas, vegetables, tomatoes and fodders, the farm produce is sold to the locals and in the local markets and some are distributed to the supported individuals. The money realized is used in supporting the group programmes, the farm is managed by group executive office and members take turn in ensuring that the day to day activities are carried out.

ACCOMMODATION: You will be accommodated in a host family within a walking distance to the work station.