Capacity Building projects

Since 2015 we have been involved in various capacity building projects that are aimed at building the capacity of youth workers and youngsters in our local communities.


Project Active for Future aims to develop skills, knowledge and competences of youth workers to increase their productivity and also youth to increase their chances for employment. To train youth workers and to give them new tools that can be used in their daily activities will develop environment for fostering youth employment.


The project aims to increase and develop youth workers competences in Career Guidance/education services for underprivileged youths in Sub-Saharan Africa regions.


The project aims at international exchange of experience and capacity building in volunteers’ management that will be elevated into a common and applicable practice for European organizations and beyond. In order to systemize and render universally usable practice for managing international (as well as local) volunteers the participation, intervention and inputs from both European and oversees partners is crucial.