Caanan Orphanage & School

Caanan Orphanage


REGION: Kisimani, Mombasa

FOCUS: Social Work/Education


Helping volunteers grow academicalySHORT DESCRIPTION: Cannan Orphanage was started in the year 2010 but was registered in 2011, when “Mama” was dealing with the widows, she realized that the children were the most suffering and with time her passion towards them grew so strong and strong. According to Risper, the idea to start an orphanage carne as a form of a dream something she believes is the will of the Lord. The widows at the slum developed trust of her and had no worries with their children staying at her home. These widows thought she had money but to Risper, it was a matter of having heart and begging from those who were willing to help. These Kids would follow me to my place and go back to their places after having food. Initially, the kids staying at my house were 5, they latter added up to 9. All were from Kisumu Ndogo slums. Mission: To strengthen the capacity of local communities in Africa to fight poverty by promoting innovative interventions and networking for mutual learning and building the capacities of communities for sustainable development.


VOLUNTEER ACTIVITIES: Administrative work, capacity building; Teaching; Parental care; Creativity activities with the children; Washing clothes, utensil; Bathing little babies; Empowering minors to be self-reliant i.e. life skills lessons; Elementary child care; Taking care of the children as well as playing with them; Ensuring the compound is clean; Motivational speaking; Food preparation and serving.


ACCOMMODATION: You will be accommodated within the centre where you will have a safe lockable room.

What Volunteers Say

I came to this place with the intention of helping and mature. I bumped into situations that I was forced to grow, rethink my ideals and realize that the world doesn't revolve around me in the slightest. Time passes fast and my time here is over. I'm going with a tremendous satisfaction and wanting to get back in the future. There will always be a special place in my heart for this place. The place where I was taught that for the more difficult it may be the situation put a smile on what you're doing it changes everything.


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