Bright Star Junior Academy


REGION: Diani South Coast

FOCUS: Education


DSC04411SHORT DESCRIPTION: Bright Star Junior School offers academic development to children in the poorest areas of Diani, who are unable to join the available schools in the area due to a number of social challenges. Bright Star has been in the forefront of trying to get more children to go to school by convincing their parents, who at times are ignorant on the importance of education, by charging a very low monthly school fee or sometimes no contribution at all. Some of the children join school very late and struggle to catch up with the curriculum. By maintaining high quality education, given by qualified and experienced teachers, the school has been able to achieve very good results, especially when taking the background of the children into account.

VOLUNTEER ACTIVITY: Teaching i.e. Mathematics, English and Social Work; Helping with the preparation and serving of meals during the feeding program; Engagement in co-curricular activities i.e. Sports, drama and music

ACCOMMODATION: You will be accommodated in a host family within a walking distance to the school.