Bio-Gardening Innovations

Project Name: Bio-Gardening Innovations

Code: STV/11/15

Region: Mbale, Vihiga County

Duration: 7th to 26th November 2015

Preparing Vegatables for a meal

Project Overview

Bio gardening innovations is a community based organization (CBO), based in North Bunyore of Emuhaya District. It was established in early 2009 by 2 project officers and 30 model farmers who had been introduced to organic farming and wanted to pursue it in order to share new techniques, market farm produce and link up with other development stakeholders. This was to scale up farm based enterprises. The target beneficiaries are smallholder producers who want to diversify their sources of livelihoods from farm based entities. They are often faced by uncertainties in marketing and changes in weather patterns that render them vulnerable to low income and household food insecurity.

This organization mobilizes such farmers into working groups in order to explore local resources like indigenous seeds, small livestock and natural soil fertility through organic farming for development. Farmers develop their gardens based on a broader vision that ensures maximum utilization of small land while conserving the natural environment and agro ecosystem.

Volunteer tasks

Facilitation of learning programs at the garden centre, establishment of structures at the garden centre, community outreach for agricultural extension, marketing and development, and mapping out fragile ecosystems in the community for conservation and protection