Benava Childrens Center


Project Name: Benava Childrens Centre

Project Location: Kakamega County

Project dates: 9th-29th July 201

Robnson Nur

Project overview

Benava is a combination of an Indian and Latin word meaning “Excellent, Healthy, and Strong”. It was founded  on 15th of June 2013 by Miss Benazir Valeria Inziani and now caters for 32 children from 1year one  month  to 15 years. Benava centre  is a non-profitable Organization with a sole purpose of responding to Orphaned, and vulnerable Children with inclusion of street based families’. The recruitment and assessment is strictly considered those from slums, rural areas, streets and other dimensions of life like abused children in family settings, divorce, alcohol and drug abuse. neglect, abandonment, low literacy level, personal illness(HIV and AIDS)and other chronic diseases. Benava Centre is situated in Kakamega District near Airstrip which is the land mark. At the moment the Centre is supporting the Children while they are still in their guardians homes by providing food, clothing and education programme. It gets donations from well wishers and friends from different places. We are planning to construct a place for them if we get enough support because many children they don’t go to school because of lack of fees, and other domestic issues that affects their well being. By giving them a place to sleep,eat and learn well, will enable them access assistance and tools that will enable them to have a happy, healthy, strong, and productive life in their native land, ultimately help them break away from the poverty cycle, and bring positive transformational change in their lives as a key benefit to ensuring their holistic development and growth is achieved as they need attention, love, and care by people who are focused to providing  alternative support  system through advocacy of child rights and change of attitude for the sole welfare of the child in the society. Benava Centre has Eight Board members, social worker and Secretary who help in strategic thinking, supervising management, accountability and policy formulation.

Workcamp Activities    

  • Sport activities with the local schools and youth
  • Home visit within the community
  • Construction work
  • Feeding program for orphans
  • Brick making
  • Working in the group farm
  • HIV/AIDS awareness campaign

Accommodation and Food

Volunteers will be hosted at the project. You will need to have a sleeping bag and mat.

Food is provided from what is locally available and the volunteers will share in the responsibility of preparing the food.

Meeting Point and orientation

All volunteers taking part in this project will be picked from Jomo Kenyatta International Airport in Nairobi and stay in Nairobi before departing to the project. Orientation will take place on the 8th of July 2017 at the VACK Office in Buruburu, Nairobi.

Number of volunteers: Maximum of 15