Agape Center of Hope


Project Name: Agape Center of Hope

Project Location: Kakamega County

Project dates: 9th – 29th September 2017

Donating books to a local school

Project overview

Agape Centre of Hope is non-profit making organization initiated by the efforts of Volunteers purely and actively working to improve and uplift the people quality of life by developing a support mechanism that can ensure the provision of social guidance to the communities at the approachable level. ACoH has taken the challenge by playing a proactive role initiating the supplementing efforts for eradication poverty by increasing livelihood options. ACoH is a unique organization established in Mumias town solely for the eradication of street children. Its innovative technique of social mobilization through PRA or PAR enables the poor to accesses, to control or utilize most efficiently the resources at hand. It is represented by the people who are committed to social and economic change of the poor and believe that strengthening and empowerment of the poor is critical to the poverty alleviation, because the powerlessness and poverty are almost synonymous. The pragmatic reality is that the poor lack choice and control over the resources and right to influence their future from the basis of their powerlessness. ACoH development society has a well-experienced implementation team and has at least 18 volunteers. It is successfully achieving arms and objectives of the organization in collaboration/support of different philanthropist.

Vision: Envision a community living a life of dignity and hope

Mission: To ensure the safety and well-being of children, the abused and less fortunate individuals in our community.

Objectives: Transforming street children and most vulnerable children into a leading dignified and responsible life in the community; Transformation of drop out school children with an aim of getting them back into the mainstream education; To work to uplift the status of children & women in the society through poverty alleviation & gender development programs and enhancing gender equity by expanding women’s access to justice and women’s human rights; To alleviate poverty through empowering poor people and increasing their access to income, opportunities; To provide help under health & Nutrition services for women and children; To encourage young people through capacity building program to develop a healthier, safer lifestyle; To provide help to people suffering from Natural calamities and work for uplifting poor rural/village people for their overall development; To propagate the need for tree plantation/pollution control and environmental awareness.

Workcamp Activities    

  • Sport activities with the local schools and youth
  • Home visit within the community
  • Protection and Rehabilitation and Orphanage Program
  • Health, Hygiene and Sanitation Program
  • Child Rights Policy and Advocacy Campaign Program
  • OVC Education Program
  • Child Counseling and Memory Book Development Program
  • Capacity Building, Gender development & Sensitization program.

Accommodation and Food

Volunteers will be hosted at the project. You will need to have a sleeping bag and mat.

Food is provided from what is locally available and the volunteers will share in the responsibility of preparing the food.

Meeting Point and orientation

All volunteers taking part in this project will be picked from Jomo Kenyatta International Airport in Nairobi and stay in Nairobi before departing to the project. Orientation will take place on the 8th of September 2017 at the VACK Office in Buruburu, Nairobi.

Number of volunteers: Maximum of 15